Coaching & Channeling Sessions

When we are disconnected from our intuition, we tend to make choices that are in conflict with our truest nature. Sometimes it is fear that sings the loudest. Fear that we will lose love. Fear that we will lose ourselves. Fear that we really don’t know the best way.

All of us have gone through periods in our life when we feel lost and are searching for answers or some guidance on how to move forward.  The truth is, we are all intuitive and have most of the answers inside ourselves.  A good Coach knows how to help you tap into this intuition and guide you to finding your own answers.

Whether you are struggling with some transition in your life, trauma over the loss of someone, unhappiness in your relationship or career, or just some help in processing emotions you’ve repressed to stay in “survival mode”,  I can help.

Utilizing a combination of my Coaching background and intuition, I bring to light emotions and behavioral patterns that are holding you back where you want to move forward and help you reframe things so that you don’t stay stuck in “victim mode”.

If it feels right, I may also channel information from your angels and guides and relay any messages and information they give me. Oftentimes this information helps to shed light in the areas where you need direction and clarity.

So at this point, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Is she crazy? This woman hears and channels information from Angels and Spirit Guides?” The answer is a resounding yes. Call it woo woo. Call it crazy. But it’s real and if you talk to anyone who knows me, they’ll tell you I’m a perfectly normal human and there is nothing woo woo about what I do.  I’m the real deal and I can confidently say that having helped hundreds of people through channeling.

Whether I channel for you or we just do a straight up coaching session, I will definitely move you forward where you’re stuck in a healthy and empowering way. I guarantee you’ll leave our session feeling a lot lighter and having had many “Ah-ha” moments.

For those of you not located in the LA area, I do all sessions via Skype or over the phone.




2 thoughts on “Coaching & Channeling Sessions

  1. Dina,
    I just read yet another article of yours from elephant journal…this time about letting him go. Can you email me a copy? I’m in a similar place as you, 5 yr old boy and twin 2 yr olds boys, ex-husband who I am letting go halfway across the country. You inspire me! I don’t know where you find the time to do what you’re doing. I’m always getting sick and never enough sleep, though everything is organic and I do yoga once a week and I’m thin and strong, I pray and try to laugh, mindful parenting, etc. I need to know what to do with my new life but don’t know how. Anyway, I just appreciate your giftsand wanted to express my gratitude. Thank you.


  2. Hi Dina,
    I wanted to say how much I appreciated you comments regarding the latest DWA layoffs. I’m currently a Dreamworker an have been with the company for over 9 years. In short struggling with the situation at DW as well as weather I should stay in the ‘biz’ or not in a ‘post’ DW time- coping with a change like that from a place I called ‘home’. I’m considering possibly working with you when and if the time comes. So once again I thank you for you comments about the DWA culture and its people.


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