“I was blown away when I had a session with Dina. She was somehow able to tap in and receive information about some childhood memories I was repressing and delicately brought it up and how she felt that was contributing to some of the chronic pain and depression I’d been having my entire life. After our session, I was able to recall more vivid memories of that trauma which has helped in my healing immensely. Working with her as been a gift.”  – Carrie

“Dina is like a long lost friend you feel like you’ve known your whole life. Her ability to read people and connect with Spirit is something she doesn’t share with many people – until now.  She is deeply intuitive and knew what was going on with me immediately before I even had a chance to share with her what I was struggling with. After our session, she did a  Reiki treatment on me and I felt like a completely different person when I left. Relaxed, centered and not filled with so much anxiety.  I highly recommend her to anyone in need of clarity with whatever you are struggling with. She is PHENOMENAL.”Sarah K

 “If Dina were on everyone’s call list, there would be far less worry or stress of not having answers. Dina is an efficient, bright, and focused woman with a gift for connecting with divine spirit, and she has beautifully manifested a way to share it. Hear her heart in every message. We have worked together on bright miraculous terms and I been witness to Dina’s magnificent character. It is time to step into her arena and bless your life with clarity.”  –LeeAnn T.

I didn’t know what to expect when I had my reading with Dina Strada. I have had many different “psychic” or intuitive readings in the past, but through Dina I experienced a rare gift. We began with me asking a question, to which she received immediate feedback from spirit, as she calls it.  She responds in the plural– it’s a they she’s conferring with, and she is listening to them.  After a few pointed questions, and a bit of background she was able to  fully tap into stuff she couldn’t possibly know, bouncing around topics and not needing direction. What’s most striking about the readings I’ve had with her, is that she uses very specific language that pertained to my situation (in my case they were industry terms), and it was clear as she spoke that she didn’t really know the meaning of those sentences even though I clearly did. She was able to provide timelines and was very engaging throughout. After our session, I had more clarity as to what to do and a deeper understanding of my higher self.”  Pat

 “I have had the pleasure of working with Dina for the past year and a half.  She has not only transcended an enormous amount of pain and loss in her life, but has shined brighter because of it and continues to do so despite many setbacks and challenges. Her passion for helping others runs deep and and she possesses so many different abilities and gifts that are going to help so many people in this world.  What an honor it is for me to know her and see her finally using her gifts to help others.”   –Lynne K.

I could talk about all the traits Dina possesses that are evident when you meet her… her warmth, thoughtfulness and gentle heart, but what I love most about working with her is her quirky sense of humor and ability to make me laugh at myself in the most loving way. She has helped me move past many roadblocks and view things in a way I wasn’t able to see before I started working with her. When you get frustrated with yourself, she has the most gentle yet persistent way of helping you move past it until you get to the solution. I’m thrilled she is finally sharing her gifts with the world!”  – Caryn

Dina’s passion and desire to help others, is a true gift.  She is deeply intuitive, caring, encouraging, truthful and warm…I could go on.  Dina provides a safe space to help you work through whatever fears and challenges you’re facing.   She has even helped me tap in to my own intuition, which is sometimes clouded, due to fear and doubt.  I always feel a sense of clarity after working with her and she will help you do the internal work you need in order to grow.  This can be tough,  but ultimately rewarding. – Nicole

“There were a bunch of us at a party recently discussing the gift that Dina has to see in others what they should do with their lives. She sees their faults as ways to improve and to show them how to turn negatives into positives. She’s done this for me and so many others.  Dina has a way of identifying what makes people want to go forward, what they are afraid of and what skills are so a part of them that they couldn’t stop even if they tried. She taught me how to see my faults and how to use them. How to incorporate them and not fight them. It’s a gift so few people have. She has impacted people’s lives more than she will ever know.” – Sarah M

“I started working with Dina when I found I was reading all of her articles on “Elephant Journal”. It seemed that the ones that really resonated and moved me were written by her.  I have been going through a difficult divorce and she has helped me tremendously navigate the ups and downs of it as well as guide me through the new dynamic with my young kids. She keeps you right on target and always follows up with emails and check-ins to make sure you are doing OK and following through on what you committed to. I highly recommend her to anyone needing support who is going through a tough time. ~ Mark

“All I can say is Dina is amazing. She’s the real deal! The woman is so dead on with her insight and reading people’s intentions she’s never even met, it’s blown me away.  Probably one of the best channelers I’ve ever met.” ~ Alex P


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