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  1. Dina,

    I saw your article in the Chopra Centered Lifestyle email blast, and I went to your blog. Your message is very aligned with my path. My business partner and I met through an AA recovery mom’s group over ten years ago. She has 28 years sober, and I will have 11 in November.

    Last year we launched Lava Love, a line of healing clay bath products made from the volcanic ash from our Oregon volcanoes. Recently, we started a Kickstarter which really tells the story behind Lava Love at

    We’d love to send you some products to try. The main three ingredients in all our products are bentonite, zeolite and charcoal. All of these three powerful ingredients are so healing and have been used in ancient cultures throughout time to heal the body and the soul.

    Please email me back your address, and I will send you some products to try. The Lava Love Bath Powder is so healing and grounding! I do it two times a week for 20 minutes or any time I am in need of a destressor —


    Jennifer Clifton
    Lava Love, President/CEO


  2. Hi Dina
    I just want to say thank you. Thank you for just writing. I am currently going through a separation and am living in Australia, with none of my beautiful family close by (as they are in the UK). I do however, I do have my two awesome young kids. Your articles on elephant journal have kept me alive and kept me hopeful. After 6 months of hitting the very bottom of the barrel I have now turned a more positive and upbeat corner. Not to say that the road ahead won’t be bumpy but I know now that I can grow and blossom into a me… not a new me, not a better me…but a more accepting of who I am me.
    Thank you and keep writing…it helps!


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